Where to Sell Gold??

20 January 2018

Gold buying business has been surviving since the times of ancient Egyptians to American Modern Treasury. The primary proof of human cooperation with gold happened in antiquated Egypt around 3000 B.C. The Egyptians created the main cash trade proportion which ordered the right proportion of silver and gold: one part of gold is equivalent to two sections of silver. Gold played an important role in ancient Egyptian mythology and was prized by pharoahs and temple priests.

Later on, Ancient Greeks considered gold as a status symbol moreover, a form of glory amongst the gods and demigods. From rulers to priests to elites and upper working class, who held gold likewise would in general hold control.

Why Cash For Gold?

Indeed, discussing DELHI-NCR REGION, here, Jewelers and MERCHANTS began exploiting the innocent ones through not paying the genuine sum in return for their gem or charging high- financing cost while giving advances for the benefit of the gems. CASH FOR GOLD here comes to your rescue where our organization has been into this business for over 20 years. Accepting all utilized, second-hand, discolored and even broken bits of metal of gold with noteworthy administration. Our gold jewellery buyers utilizes international technologies like German Karatometer so as to check the gold purities and fineness.

These days, individuals everywhere throughout the globe are progressively disposed towards the web as it assists to contact people in general. Moreover, a shift took place recently, where apart from having traditional jewellery shop, offices or should I say four walls where trading took place switched to endless astounding websites of the company on the internet. The web has majorly changed the game of gold buying business and recently it is easier to contact the customers. Its all a game of networking where millions of people are fighting within seconds. CASH FOR GOLD has even spread over the web and have more than 50 websites all over the internet.

CASH FOR GOLD has spread India wide through our online services and offline 50+ outlets in the entire Delhi NCR.

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