Silver Buyer in Janakpuri

Almost every Indian individual has silver in their house. Even if it is not in the form of bars or coins, odds are great that your forefathers passed down some precious white ornaments for you. It is a tradition in India that newlyweds couple some ornaments.

Nowadays we do not need white metal that much, but it still remains valuable. That is why jewelry resale shops exist. If you are looking for a Silver Buyer in Janakpuri then we got you all covered. We help you to convert your precious white metal into cash instantly with the help of our services.

If you are in need of instant cash then we are the Silver Buyer in Janakpuri you should be visiting as we are the leading jewelry resale firm of Delhi NCR with over 20 years of experience in this business. You just need to take your silver to us and get it appraised and claim the finest possible value for them. We make sure that the rates add up and are above the standard rate around the market.

Benefits We Offer You Which Others Don’t:

First of all, to make sure you get a fair and accurate value for your item we appraise it by using XRF technology which is completely free and that allows us to increase our payouts even more. You can even get up to 15% additional value for your items during the festive seasons.

Aside from this our free pick-up service is another aspect that makes us a lot better option for selling ornaments than any other buyers.

At last, you will get the cash in exchange for your silver. That is correct – liquid cash! You can spend it immediately however you want.

We have more than 20 outlets in Delhi NCR so no matter where you are in Delhi you can avail our services rather easily. If you have any further queries regarding our service you can just contact us via our customer service which is available 24x7. If you are interested in dealing with us, then visit us our nearest branch for more information.

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